Toggle Between Adapter|Battery Gone?

in macOS edited January 2014
I noticed before partitioning my hard drive and updating everything, in the system preferences I could set what I wanted the computer to do when the power adapter was plugged in (Highest performance) and when it would run off of the battery (Longest life) when I toggled between the Power Adapter and Battery Drop-down list, the settings would change and I could specify what I wanted to happen with things.

But now it seems that things have changed with that. The settings stay the same, no matter if you select battery or PA, and I used to be able to see what was going on by unplugging the power adapter and it would automatically change, but now things seem to only refer to one setting, and if I set to longest battery life, than the performance is diminished because it won't change when a power adapter is plugged in.

I downloaded and reinstalled the Mac OS X 10.3.7 combo update to see if maybe it was some sort of glitch, but had no success. Might anyone know what the problem is?


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    ishawnishawn Posts: 364member
    Well... after restarting I realized the only way that it will allow the automatic toggle is if you set the optimization to "Custom." Go Figure. I'm having one of those days I guess. Oh well, I hope that this is helpful for someone else.
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