(iglu ) Mac mini + empty-shell- iMac-base

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Ok here is an idea for Apple to expand its line up

And to get add on sales to the Mac mini

Here is how it works...

Take the old iMac

Take the guts (CPU /motherboard /ram/ hard drive) out of the base of the old iMac- Make it into a ( iglu design )

And the Mac mini would made to fit in the 2" x 6.5" slot of the iglu-iMac

What woud the empty iglu-iMac cost ???

15" just 329.99$

The iglue-base would have

A) A built in 4 USB hub

B) A DVI video connection to the Mac mini

C) Heat -fan-blower

D) a 15" LCD on the arm

*The iglu iMac holder would be siver in color to match the Mac mini

So for 499$ + 329.99$ (829$) you have an iMac G4 again

Why do this ??????

you either like the design of the iMac G5 or hate it... and you either liked the design of the iMac G4 or hatted it ... So while Apple has alot of people who bought iPods looking at Macs why not have more options... and the iglu-iMac would not cost that much to produce as Apple already has the design (LCD-arm) down


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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    And the portable iCoconut:

    I LIKE it.


    Okay I get it now.

    Eh... I'd settle for a separate Apple-made VESA arm for the aluminum Cinema Displays.

    It'd be so frigging "8-track"-ish to insert the Mac mini into it, I think I'd have '70s flashbacks.
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