HDMI Digital Interconnects coming 4 PCs

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014


HDMI provides 5Gbps over copper interconnects up to 15 feet ? that?s enough headroom for a 1080p signal and 8 channel audio. For those who like to do the math, a 1080p raw video signal and eight 192kHz audio channels require less than 4GBps. So, there is a significant portion of unused overhead built into the HDMI specification. We?ve seen demonstrations of hooking your DVD player, receiver, and PVR each with a single cable at shows like CES and the word is that adoption of HDMI is going even faster than originally planned.

Apple could trump the PC people by getting HDMI into some models (like a G5 Mac mini) in the future "and" supporting audio and video from the start. HDMI is going well and I will not spend any decent coin on a AV Receiver that doesn't switch at least one channel.

HDMI 1.2 should support SACD (DVD Audio is already supported) so it's going to be a natural for consumers as well as Pro's that want to burn 5.1 mixes in DVD-Audio/SACD and listen to them in all their glory.

Everyone keeps asking Apple for a Media Server but this won't happen until processing speeds for realtime video improve and we have a HDCP enabled connection type for encryped video/audio. HDMI is that lynchpin that is needed. The speed will take care of itself.
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