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Okay. I too am a fan of Shuffle in the iTunes player. However, 1 thing is ticking me off because I can't find how to do it. And I'm sure I'm not the only person that would be annoyed by this. I purchased some Christmas music from iTunes this past holiday season. And of course I played the songs a lot during Nov, Dec. Now of course Christmas has pasted, I don't want to listen to Christmas songs in my Shuffle. SO, how can I get my Christmas songs to stay in my library so I can go pick them to play if I want to, but by default not be included in my Party Shuffle!?

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    This can be done by clicking the check box next to the song. Just click it and the song will never be played randomly. You can still double click it to here the song later. I use this when I got my iTrip. I didnt want to listen to all the beeps, so i just unchecked them. Even if items are unchecked, i'm pretty sure they are still transfered to an iPod, so take that into account if you are interested.

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    To quote someone we all know. "Its as clear as a bell!" Thank you very much for showing/telling me this. Works perfect!
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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    Sadly, the song checkbox is applied to all instances of the song.

    Deselect a song in a playlist, and it is deselected in the Library, and all other playlists it might appear in. (And they'll never appear in the Party Shuffle, but that's reasonable, I suppose)

    I'd rather it be a per-playlist option.

    Not a pressing issue but it's not what I expected.
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    Originally posted by johnq

    I'd rather it be a per-playlist option.

    that why you have different playlists. jsut delete if you dont want it in there anymore. it's not like it's hard to go back and add it if you want.
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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    Right, but a checkbox implies "temporary" or "toggle". Deleting the song from a playlist and then later adding it again, over time, is hardly a better solution than making the checkbox only apply to a given playlist. Should be hold option to make it global, regular click is per-playlist.

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