Thinking about upgrading hard drive (PB)

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
A few questions.

First off: Can a hard drive switch be performed at the apple store so that I don't screw myself over? If so (even more importantly can they "clone" my hard drive to the new one?

With an app like CCC I feel very intimidated and it seems like that's more geared towards backing up. I understand backing up is important; but I have nothing to back up with right now. And (knock on wood) I hope to be fine until I quickly find a FW 800 drive or so. That will help with recording as well.

Secondly: I plan to get myself a new hard drive for my powerbook which will double my cache and also give me more speed. This will also help with recording (along with a memory upgrade). This is the hard drive I plan to revert everything to. Hopefully somehow the old hard drive can go to the new one.

I have two partitions on my current hard drive. And plan to keep them.

So... can CCC do this? If so, then I would like to know what I am supposed to do when I get the new hard drive in the computer and what it is I'm supposed to boot from to transfer the old hard drive files to the new one.

Also, if Apple can do it; about how much do you think they'll charge if I get the hard drive myself?

As always; Thanks.
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