Mac OS X Tiger - Spotlight - Absolute supervision?

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Is it possible that Apple - and yes, I myself am an Apple user - uses Spotlight to spy on us? I mean, spotlight is directly integrated and connected (in)to the CoreOS, so it would be easy for them to do that...

On the other hand, this isn't windows.

It was just a thought, and I thought I might share it with you guys.

In near future, spying on users will anyway be the only way to stop all the software - pirating, I think. Or little hardware tools, shipping with the software, that have to be connected to the computer so that you can play or whatever.

So, what do you guys think?


peace and love



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    Originally posted by oddysseey


    So, what do you guys think?


    I don't think that you make any sense at all.
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    Not just spy on us...

    New Macs should always be shut down, because when they're asleep Apple has a sneaky routine termed "Nightmare" that, in the wee hours of night while their owners sleep soundly, will activate all Macs sold since November 22, 2002 to emit vast quantities of WMD in the form of Sarin nerve agent. This is part of a secret deal between Jobs and Saddam Hussein that kept Apple solvent and helped Saddam get rid of the evidence. Very soon Dubya will bring back John Ashcroft to rid America of the evil Macintosh computers, and the potentially nefarious Mac users. Freedom is on the march!!!!
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    You have identified Reason #1 to stay away from Microsoft.

    This type of crap is exactly the type of stuff built into Windows. Not, obviously, returning search results, but Windows does report music, videos and DVD's back to MS on an encrypted channel. (MS got busted for this by a college kid a year or so ago.)

    Apple, on the other hand, is an ethical company.

    Using a Mac is simply wonderful.
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    If you're paranoid block and monitor your outgoing ports, otherwise seek medication.
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    There are already a billion ways they could easily build in spyware.

    Spotlight doesn't put us in any additional danger.
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