Non-Problematic 23-inch Cinema Display

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I've been reading horror stories for the past several months about problems people are having with their 23-inch cinema displays (pink casts, blue bands, yellow edges, etc.) I've been holding off on purchasing one of these displays, but I want to know if people actually have purchased working displays without the color issues. Anyone???


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    Me, actually. Spent ages reading the forums and was duly rewarded for my patience with the recent price drop. So I now have a 23" and my first response is that the colour, contrast and sheer volume of workspace are all extraordinary. I think I can just make out the now legendary 'dirty yellow edges' - although I have to look really, really hard. A recent MacUser UK TFT review suggested that no one can guarantee not to have the problem with current manufacturing techniques. Also, there is no magenta issue whatsoever - in fact, when I tried it out at the store we hooked it up to a first gen G5 running 10.3.0. No magenta issues, despite me reading that 10.3.6 was the first OS to include a software 'patch' for the magenta issue. And absolutely no blue, green or grey bands elsewhere on the screen. Believe me, I've tried very hard to find these problems.

    Now, I can assure you I'll be keeping tabs on the display for the next few weeks to ensure it doesn't go wrong (because I've read that they can, incredibly, deteriorate in the first few weeks). However, I suspect there is some truth to the idea that recent batches (past A40, I think) have had the colour issues ironed out of them. The early ones most certainly had a major issue.

    Summary: a truly fantastic display, and I can understand anyone who really badly wants one and has only been put off by the Magentagate scandal. Also, if you're considering the 20"? Forget it. 23" makes all the difference.
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