Quicky Halo poll.

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Just to be up front, I don't have a Mac right now. However, at some point I will again.

Halo multi-player remains one of my favorite games. Albeit in HaloCE form. My son has an XBox and Halo 1 and 2. We were doing a few rounds of Halo 2 and the poll popped up in my mind. I'm comfortable with either gamepads or KB+mouse control. I find the mouse to be a tighter control for a FPS.

Halo 2 has superior graphics and more vehicle and weapon options. Big however, the "gameplay/feel" is better on Halo 1 for PC/Mac IMHO. To top it off, HaloCE has an edge over the regular Halo Combat Evolved for PC/Mac.

The poll is geared towards multi-player online or LAN.

You know Microsoft loved it when they were able to buy Bungie and divert this classic game to the XBox first.


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    i prefer xbox halo 1. the pistol is my gun, and halo 2 took away my scope and some power.
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    The pistol ruled on all versions of Halo 1...
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    Halo 1, xbox style! go pistol!
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    The pistol's strength was just stupid. Yeah, it was you're favorite weapon. You were so good with it. That's because it was overpowered. Duh.

    I haven't really played enough Halo 2 to make any judgments, but if they could fix all the pop-in and texture glitches with a PC/Mac release, I think it'd be my favorite.
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    For HaloCE, the pistol was rebalanced against the other weapons. So it wasn't as overpowering. Still a great weapon but now requires more skill.

    The one question I forgot to ask, how many Mac-heads are still playing the demo?
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