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Hi all,

this my first post,

Q1) i was just wondering if the DDR memorry in the mac mini was the same kind you can by for the PC becouse i have same 2700 ocz memorry insteady on me paying for more memorry i could replace it with that stuff?

or could i

Q2) what is the performance like between the mac mini and the IMAC G5 becouse i would love to have a mac and i only to date have about £1,000 to spend but need it to do the following-

1) send email

2) web search

3) video editing with final cut pro

4) Music editing possably Logic

5) Adobe CS suite

or should i just hold on to the money and see what apple are planing and save to get a basic G5 but man there realy expensive.

So what is the best way forward i need to get rid of this dam PC or at least for every day stuff and use my pc for games.

here is my PC spec so you now what i am use to-

Intel P4 3ghz 1mb cashe

400gb Hard drive space

20" apple screen

dvd/cd RW

ATI 9700 pro graphics card

any way any help would be good thanks


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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    1. The RAM is standard, desktop RAM, so I'm sure that it will work.

    2. I would advise you to wait and purchase the iMac G5. Logic, Final Cut Pro/Express, Adobe Suite.. those are things that require power, and Mac mini, is just not intended for that audience.

    As for surfing, e-mail, music, a little movie editing in iMovie, Mac mini will do fine.
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    First let me say thank you for you help.

    so what your saying is that the memrory in my PC would work fine.

    one question that come from that what if it was not a 2700 333 DDR memorry stick but a 4200 model runnig at 533 would it still work and would the mac be able to run it at thoughs speeds?

    also is it the same memorry in all the macs except the laptop range?

    last thing so it is not a good idea to use a mac mini for what i won't to do?

    but is the Imac butter or any good at doing those thing eather or should i be going Power MAc G5?

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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,870member
    My suggestion, if you're willing to put up with the hassle, is this:

    Go to the apple uk online store and configure the low-end Power Mac with no superdrive and no modem (obviously, keep the modem if you need it), saving yourself about £80

    Flash your current ATI card so it'll work in the Mac (I'm assuming you can do that, I don't have time to investigate myself. It has been possible with many ATI cards in the past)

    Put your DVD±RW drive into the Mac.

    Sell the Nvidia card that came in the Power Mac, and the 256 MB RAM and combo drive on Ebay.

    Buy a pair of matched Corsair 512 MB DDR400 dimms.

    All in, this'll definitely cost you less than £900 (unless you include your time spent making it all happen)

    If you go with my Power Mac suggestion above instead of an iMac, you'll end up with a more powerful, upgradeable machine (better GPU, PCIx slots), and you can keep your nice 20" Apple monitor.

    I think a mini would probably disappoint performance-wise considering what you want to do with it.
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    Wow that is a realy good sugestion and the sort of things i just did not now you could do with a MAC

    but is it true i read this some were that if you don't order blue-tooth and the like you won' have the abilty to later is that true or that just in the lower end models like the iMAC & Mac mini

    thanks again i will investgate about the card any good plays to start looking?
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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,870member

    Originally posted by Black Dragon

    but is it true i read this some were that if you don't order blue-tooth and the like you won' have the abilty to later is that true

    Yes, I has heard that it is impossible to order an internal bluetooth module from Apple to install in a machine you already have. I don't know if this is still the case.

    If you're interested in Bluetooth, just go for it: It's only £35

    It looks like I mis-read your PC specs, and that you've actually only got a combo drive. If you are interested in adding a DVD±RW drive to your Mac (giving you a cheaper and faster drive than getting it from Apple), you may need to use patchburn to get it to work with Apple's iApps.

    Finally, a dual 1.8 Power Mac - superdrive - modem is £1,269. Once you've sold everything you don't need, this is probably just in your price range. This machine is MUCH more powerful than the single processor version.
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    I just looked at some high proformance memory and here are the specs just wondered if it would work on a G5?

    I also did what Mr. H sugested but i will keep the Graphics card in the mac and sell mine as it seems better

    what you think

    here are the specs

    Product: OCZ PC-3200 ECC Registered Dual Channel DDR

    Category: DDR RAM Dual Channel

    Description: OCZ PC-3200 ECC Registered Dual Channel memory has been designed and engineered to take full advantage of the AMD Athlon64 FX platform.

    OCZ fully validates each Dual Channel memory kit on the Asus K8V Deluxe mainboard to ensure maximum stability and performance.

    Date added: 10/29/2003


    512Mb and 1Gb kits available

    ECC Registered

    Optimized for AMD Athlon64 FX platform

    CL 2-2-3-6

    200 Mhz / DDR400

    Copper heatspreaders

    184 pin DIMM

    Dual Channel Optimised

    Warranty: Lifetime

    Manufacturer: OCZ Technology

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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,870member

    Originally posted by Black Dragon

    ECC Registered

    184 pin DIMM

    Hmmm... Since when was ECC registered RAM only 184 pins? One of those specs is wrong, and it matters quite a lot which: the Power Mac does not use ECC RAM. Apart from that it sounds like good stuff.


    oops, forgot to say that it is very important not to get cheap RAM. It looks like you appreciate this already, but it's worth saying anyway.
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    Hi thanks again for all your help becouse i realy thought it would be boyined me to get one but not any more that realy cool im getting quite excited dam hell ya thank again.

    here is what i put togeather from apple

    ? Dual 2.5GHz PowerPC G5

    ? 512MB DDR400 SDRAM (PC3200) - 2x256MB

    ? 160GB Serial ATA

    ? DVD-R/CD-RW

    ? ATI Radeon 9600 XT 128MB, ADC/DVI

    ? Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X Card

    ? Apple Keyboard & Mouse

    ? Mac OS X

    ? One FireWire 800 port

    ? Two FireWire 400 ports

    ? Three USB 2.0 ports

    Usually dispatched:

    1 - 2 Weeks

    Free Shipping

    Price: £1,742.98

    VAT: £305.02

    Subtotal: £2,048.00

    i have about PC's worth of stuff and just need to sell it to be able to get one the specs you read is just an over veiw and i have about that hole system again in parts but i just don't now how to use ebay well enough to sell all of it but i think i could get about £1,500 at lest for all of it as if you price all of what i got brand new right now will cost you about £3,600 but that screen has a lot to do with that so i won't sell the screen and just all the parts.

    with the grand i allready have plus what i can make if i can sell all the parts i should have about £2,500 wich is cool.

    one question though dose Apple Mac's have a Bios like PC do and if so do any acess them for any reason?

    thanks again

    respect from the Dragon
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    Hi Mr H

    i check out what you saif about the 184 being strange and wen't to crucail and there alson 184 pin here is the specs

    DDR PC3200

    ? CL=3


    ? NON-ECC ? DDR400

    ? 2.6V

    ? 128Meg x 64

    Price (VAT exclusive): £137.99

    Price (*VAT inclusive): £162.14

    so then i wen't back to OCZ and looked at what they were offering but one thing remains as a problume do apple have a DUAL CHANNEL memory feature

    here is OCZ specs

    434MHz DDR

    CL 2-3-3-7


    Available in 512MB and 1GB Dual Channel Kits


    Copper Heatspreader

    Lifetime Warranty

    2.7 Volts

    184 Pin DIMM

    Part Numbers

    512MB Kit PN- OCZ433512ELDC-K

    1GB Kit PN- OCZ4331024ELDC-K

    and the link to there site if you won't to now more?

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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,870member

    Originally posted by Black Dragon

    i check out what you saif about the 184 being strange and wen't to crucail and there alson 184 pin here is the specs

    My point about the 184 pins was to do with the fact that the previous specifications that you posted stated that the memory was both ECC registered and 184 pins which is impossible.

    There are two types of DDR memory - ECC registered and unbuffered. The unbuffered stuff is 184 pins. ECC memory has more pins - can't remember how many off the top of my head.


    Originally posted by Black Dragon

    thing remains as a problume do apple have a DUAL CHANNEL memory feature

    Yes, they do. Memory has to be installed in matched pairs.

    No offence, but you don't seem to know much for someone who calls themselves an I.T. consultant.
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    oh ok sorry i missunderstood you but thanks for the up date.

    what do you tink about the G5 plan

    which brings me to the qestion is there a mager proformance diffrence between the dual 2.5ghz G5 and at the other end dual 1.8ghz and were can i find this sort of info out?

    thanks again it been realy good advise you have given me.
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    Yeah i can see why you would say that i don't now much but i never had a mac and and the last on i used was about 10 years ago.

    as for the PC i now a lot more about them and memroy statesand channals.

    and yes i am not a I.T consoltent that was kinda like my last job so i though i would put that in threre.

    by my figgering apple machines are very simuler to PC proberly becouse IBM have alot to do with it.

    but i just need some one to bounce these ideas from

    so sorry if i seem an idot that becouse in many way i am

    but i have not taken offence just though i would clear things up.

    thansk for all your help
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    dobbydobby Posts: 797member
    The Dual 2.5Ghz is a real beast. If you can afford the lowest spec 2.5Ghz then buy it and upgrade it with parts from your PC etc. Its cheaper and you have a machine that will last for many years to come.

    The current 1.8ghz doesn't have a PCI-X slot which the previous model did.

    Check out www.memoryx.com for getting the correct spec memory for you mac (you can just buy from elsewhere).

    Saying that the iMac G5 is also really great.

    I am waiting to see how the mMac performs.

    I assume the mMac will be as good as a single proc 1.25G4.

    Which was okay but slow compared to the Dual 2.5.

    All relative really as it would still be fine for basic office/internet stuff. (i have a dual 533 and a couple of lower spec macs and find them perfect for my current usage).

    I thinks its great that your looking at lots of options.

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    thanks for your reply i will take a look at that site but thanks again.

    I did one go on apples site and fully spec a dual 2.5ghz once with all that i wonted you now if money was no object and it said it would cost £10,000+ i was blowen away thats crazy but i won't it but there is just no way i can every buy it sob sob

    but i think i can get half way there and do the rest over time which is great and suets me fine.

    thanks again and keep the sugesten going.
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    oh yeah,

    whats the difference between a combo and a super drive?
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    a combo drive reads/writes cds, and plays dvds

    a superdrive reads/writes cds/dvds
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    cool that one was confusing me a bit but thanks for clearing that up.
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