Powerbook In-Warentee Repair shaft

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Apple customer relations over-rode the decision of the technician at the service depot and my laptop will be repaired free of charge. I am very happy with the resolution and chalk up the initial bad encounter to a novice-technician. Two thumbs up, disregard this thread.



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    liquidrliquidr Posts: 884member
    What was the tech's issue with doing the repair? I'm just curious.
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    The unit burned up and caused a burn on the outside of the case by the power connector. They felt this was due to "misuse". Also, due to the fact that it had a small ding on the front of the case on the right by the dvd drive they questioned whether it was dropped. The underside of the top plate of the unit was burnt and needed to be replaced as well. When this happened it was sitting on my desk and smelled up the whole office of ozone. It requred replacing the logic board, top plate, battery charger, track pad. After a discussion with customer relations they did finally have the epiphany that burns on the inside of the case can not be caused by misuse. I am happy with the resolution of the case, every product has some defective units. This was a refurbished unit to begin with so that is the risk you take. I think I would not buy a refurb unit in the future, every time I have gone that route there is something that was not quite right and needed repair. This unit was a 15" 1.5ghz powerbook with 512mb/superdrive/airport express/80gb.



    Originally posted by LiquidR

    What was the tech's issue with doing the repair? I'm just curious.

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    I think apple is just having over all trouble with there 15" PBs. I got mine back in July fully loaded. In the beginning of December I noticed white spots forming over my screen, info here,. Gave apple a call and I sent my PB in, got it back in a few days but had a crack in the lid. Found out that apple replaces the whole screen when they have to replace the monitor so this crack was there before they installed my new screen.

    Called apple again and they told me to send it back in and they would fix it. Got it back again in a few days and started it up to find a bunch of dead pixels.

    So called apple for the 3rd time and they said nothing we can do. well I did some research and fond out that there need to be quite a few before they replace a screen for dead pixels. Set my monitor to black and found a total of 17 dead pixes, and one bright green pixel was really getting on my last nerve. So called apple again and talked to some supervisor and he told me to send it back in and they will see if it is with in spec.

    My computer is due back in my hands today or Monday, I can't wait, hope that there isn't another problem. I think they replaced the screen again for me 3rd times a charm, however I'm not sure yet. I did get something out of all this though, they sent me a blue tooth mouse and keyboard for free. It was either that or the new shuffle but since I had a 20 Gig IPod I said send me the keyboard and mouse.
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