Overclocking Or Just keep Walking?

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Hi all,

I am back again with some more annoying questions but I don?t now anything until I buy a Mac for my self as soon as I get rid of this PC I will.

1)Dose an apple Power Mac G5 dual 2.5 GHz have a bios?

2)What kind of software do you get with it I.E is it software that can be installed on other Mac?s or is exclusive to my Mac?

3)Can you over clock a Mac?

4)If not how do people get more power from there Mac compared to the Box standard one from apple?

If you can help it would be great thank you


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    SO i take it no one nows?
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    Originally posted by Black Dragon

    SO i take it no one nows?

    1) Yes, but you can't get to it really.

    2) Software can be used on other machines AFAIK -- there isn't much that is included (other than OS) unless otherwise mentioned by apple.

    3) Some overclocking was possible back in the day, i think that they have effectively ended that possibility -- there are a base number of users who do overclock -- I considered it at one point with my old G3 but decided that it was not worth the computer.

    4) Install more ram, at some point upgrade cards are produced, better graphics cards etc etc.... Almost all involve more money.
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    1) Mac's have had OpenFirmware for a long while now. It is sort of like BIOS but without all of the legacy limitations. Microsoft has been trying to convince the hardware makers to switch to something similar ever since the PC99 spec came out.

    You don't use OpenFirmware quite the same way as BIOS, as it automatically configures almost everything for you, and it does a lot more for the boot-up process than BIOS. There are a few things you can do (it is fully programable in a fortran-like language), but for the most part you just let it be. Less than 1% of all Mac users have probably even seen the real OF interface (and even less have actually needed it).

    2) The software is all on the software restore CD/DVD. If you are asking "is it easy to pirate onto other computes, then: you have to know what you are doing. If you are asking what is the package of software, then you need to look at the model of computer, it is different on each line. The Power* lines tend to have less software (no AppleWorks for instance), but make up for it with adding in a few good apps (like OmniOutliner).

    3) Sometimes, it depends on the model. Usually it involves changing (or soldering) a jumper, but some in recent years have been software settable. People tend not to do this, Mac use tends to be more focused on getting the job done rather than the hotrodding that has a community in the PC side. There are some, see xlr8yourmac is one site. But these franken-macs tend not to have the speed of Apple's top-of-the-line anyways.

    4) see number 3.

    5) "knows"... *sigh* And just because no one answers you does not mean that the group does not know the answer.
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    thank you for your help

    it was what i thought and that is you get what you get and nothing more buts thats ok.
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