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Ok so I bought a friends 2.0 dual G5 in April, only a few months old to him, along with an Envision 17" flat panel monitor of which was about 9 months old at the time. Up until about 2 months ago everything was fine, applications, games and internet surfing was not having any problems, in fact the machine is smoking! However, recently the monitor has begun to "flicker" to black and back on again and sometimes even shows a plaid-like patern of sheer craziness on rare occasions (1 of 20-25 flickers). And just tonight as I type this, the monitor has sort of freaked out and gone beige all the while I am still typing not sure of my typos...

So here is what I have done so far: unplugged all connections to the monitor and between the computer; restarted; checked the video card connection all to now avail... and the "flicker" keeps increasing in frequency and annoyance.

Please help if you can...


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    You could open it up and check for bugs if you don't have a warrantee. If you do, send it back because by my best guess it's dying. My 19" CRT started zapping and flickering after I woke it from sleep a bunch of times. Changing the Display sleep time to 1/2 hour or more fixed it for me. I guess all that turning off and on powersaving was taking its toll on my monitor. LCD screens don't have the same guts as CRT's though.
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    My guess too is that it is on its last legs, though I thought maybe others had exerienced the same thing.... there are a couple of other things I will also be trying this weekend with refresh rates, screen size and sleep...

    thanks for the tip, I may just try to crack this one open
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