Fastest machine that can run Jaguar?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Am I right in saying that the early Rev. A Power Mac G5s are the fastest machines that you can still run Jaguar on, or can it still be installed on all the new machines?


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    Every new computer that Apple produces needs a new version of the OS. Every subsequent update of the OS will have the enablers for all the hardware that was out when it came out. Case in point would be that the Mac Mini's are shipping with their own custom version of 10.3.7. A retail 10.3.7 disk would not run on them (if such a beast existed), but when 10.3.8 comes out it will cover them.

    So you need to figure out the last computer that came out before 10.2.8 (or that came with its own version of that OS), and there you have your answer.
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