Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates about the "digital lifestyle"

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    majormattmajormatt Posts: 1,077member

    We all know in 20 years that most of the population will think Microsoft made iTunes, iPhoto and the iPod.
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    Does anyone remember Apple talking about the 'Digital lifestyle' a few years back? And all those PC losers all they could talk about was the demise of Apple? Ohhh Apple sucks and they're too expensive and blah blah blah...then we hear this crap from Bill Gates talking about the "digital lifestyle" and now all these PC losers are like, yeah!!!

    It's amazing how this kind of dissing happens over and over and over...What ticks me off is that ever time this happens I'm still in shock...
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    I kept thinking he was trying to describe the Mac experience.
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    He didn't really sound like he was talking about a Windows PC did he???


    With the music companies they've licensed us, for our download service, they have licensed lots of other people who use the standard place for sure approach that we have promoted.

    All that promoting of "Place for Sure" means that everyone knows about it right? Well apparently one of the worlds largest news corporations doesn't...

    Gotta laugh at Bill now.
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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member

    Originally posted by danielctull

    All that promoting of "Place for Sure" means that everyone knows about it right?

    Dumbest tag-line ever. "Plays For Sure", unless you bought it at the number-one most popular music store. How many angry phone calls and lawsuits you think that slogan will generate?
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    arnelarnel Posts: 103member
    It was amazing the difference between Steve Jobs' keynote at MacWorld and Bill Gates' at CES. Not only was the MacWorld one much better presented and more lively (the sofa Bill Gates was slouched in looked like it was going to swallow him any second) but everything shown was of a totally different ethos to what was shown at CES.

    The stuff shown at MacWorld was of a much more personal value. You can record your own music with GarageBand, improve your photos, put them to music and create some stunning picturebooks in iPhoto (which you can then get professionally printed as one-offs), and so on.

    It seems that in Bill Gates' world, the 'digital lifestyle' is all about setting your digital video recorder via your mobile phone. I mean, who cares?? It's still just recording some rubbish TV.

    It's always been said that Macs are more about creativity, and this year's keynotes just proved the point.


    a.k.a. Arnel
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    look, bill honestly thinks that, because every other sheet of money off the u.s. press is his, he's better than us. it's not really an idea until HE has it. it's not really a trend until microsoft says it is. he trusts in the commerce and dollars to prove him right, when really, all it proves is that he's profitable.

    the staff at macaddict, a few years ago, went to CES, just to check it out, and since they had been to tons of MacWorlds/WWDCs (what would divas chew?) in the past. and they said that, yes, there were plasmas as far as the eye could see. cell phones that could dial the space shuttle. fax from a fire hydrant. that sort of thing. mix and match and add features until you turned heads.

    yet, somehow, it just was not as fun or vibrant as a mac show. perhaps it's because it's loaded with lots of vendors trying desperately to stake their claim to the next "big idea." they all have big ideas of creating the one product that will make gates and ballmer stop by their booth and go "hey, that's a great idea! how much do you want for your company? just tell us when to stop writing zeroes on the check..."

    the show lacks focus, focus on a vision. hardware isn't a vision. software isn't a vision. they're tools. and tools change. why do they change? because we change how we live. and until they figure that out, and truly believe it, and have some crazy guy in a black turtleneck and jeans willing to stick his neck out there and bet the farm over and over again on that vision, they'll never get it. never.

    the sad thing is, i have yet to really see anyone in the computer industry with the balls that steve p. jobs has to see a trend developing and seize on it without faltering. you have to be about 63% crazy to do that. that's got to be the main qualification for ceo of this company we all follow. they're just lucky they (re)found the guy.
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