A new emulator

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have just come across a new PC emulator for Mac OS X (it works on Panther only), the iEmulator. It is a budget software really (at $23.95) and it is based on QEMU. The makers say that it performs very well on G5s:


Could you please define "high performance"? We've all heard that one before.

Of course, emulated code will always run slower than native code, all other things being equal. On a PowerBook G4 (15", 1.5GHz) we've seen performance benchmarks ranging from a 200MHz Pentium (running graphics-heavy code on Windows XP) and a 550MHz Pentium (running DOS). On a PowerMac G5, we've seen integer performance benchmark as high as 1.4GHz and floating point performance hit as fast as a 3.2GHz Pentium!

There are also movies showing it in action.

All in all a very interesting alternative to VPC, although I don't get the numbers for the G5 performance. Who will be the first to try it ?
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