Next version of Safari in Cocoa?

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I read somewhere (I can't find link or I'd post it) that the next version of Safari would be written in Cocoa or whatever it is. So it could have drawers for bookmarks and stuff. I think this would be pretty cool, has anyone else heard this?


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    Its UI already is done in IB (Cocoa) IIRC. It uses a non-standard toolbar, however. They did this because they wanted the address bar and Google search item to be resizable, which the standard toolbar does not yet support. This is supposedly fixed in Tiger, so Safari will probably make better use of standard Cocoa UI (Interface Builder) elements for this and other parts of it.

    I doubt they would switch to a drawer for the bookmakrs considering much of their other software (well, Mail, anyway) is switching to the sidebar/source view instead. The bookmarks sidebar is Safari's connection to iTunes and iPhoto. I heard that it will gain some new features that these other apps have, like smart folders, making it even more like iTunes and iPhoto.
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    Safari is already a Cocoa app.

    And a picky thing: Applications are not written in Cocoa. Cocoa is an environment, which is written for. Objective-C is the language most commonly used for Cocoa development, although Java and (I believe) Python can also be used.
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