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I have searched through these forums and have not been able to find a solution to my problem.

I am running Panther (10.3.7) and cannot print images to my network printers an HP LaserJet 4050 and HP Business InkJet 2250. Text documents will print fine. Anything and I mean anything with an image will not print.

An example from today is a 22 page pdf file with a full cover page image. The print job was sent to the printer, I could see the print job spool and then finish. No print out at the printer. I printed the document minus the cover page fine

The same thing happens if I send a full page image from iPhoto to either printer. The job spools and finishes but no output from the printer.

Photoshop Elements only prints out gibberish to either printer when a photo is printed.

I have removed the printer, cleaned the cache, deleted the various .plist files used the Printer Setup Repair, changed drivers. Everything I can think of but no images will print.

I can however print images to my home HP 6100 All In-One (networked) and my Epson Stylus C84 (shared)

Any ideas????




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    Are you printing via AppleTalk to IP?

    Sounds like a PostScript issue, that may not work properly with IP.
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    The printers are pure IP only and they worked fine at one time, about a month ago.

    I verified this evening that I can print images just not full page or 8x10 photos.

    I printed a 5x7 image to LaserJet 4050 fine. I am stumped!!
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    i have problems aswell! im on a wireless network, and i cant print. first of all, the driver is not supported, so i downloaded a new driver, but after installing it, it still wouldnt appear... im not too tech saavy, so if anyone could tell me what to do, or point me to a page that has step by step instructions, it would be greatly apreciated
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