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Normally, when I insert a DVD/CD into the DVD/CD tray, that CD shows up on the left side of the finder window after I name it. i can then drag files into the DVD and once they are on the dvd, I can click the "nuclear" symbol and burn it. For some reason, I cant see the CD nor the "burn" symbol in the left pane of the finder anymore. How can i get this back?


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    I'm not sure what your saying really, but maybe click finder and then go into preferences and make sure you have the stuff check you want checked. You may be asking something else.
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    Your DVD is not mounting properly. It may be due to bad media, or some other related problem.

    I'm not too sure about Mac OS X, as I've never had the need to mount manually, but in Linux its done by opening up terminal, and as root, typing in a command.


    $ sudo mount /media/cdrom0 -o unhide

    after you type this in, you will need your root password. It may work, but I'm not too sure.

    to unmount you type in


    $ sudo umount /media/cdrom0

    And if the occassion does arise, to forcefully unmount, type in


    $ sudo umount /media/cdrom0 -l

    It may be a different problem, but this is what comes to my mind. I don't guarantee any results and you use this at your own risk.

    p.s. first follow johnq's instructions, then attempt something else.
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    Can you tell me how to get tp that screen you posted? Where do I find that?
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    forget my last post...I found it. Thanks!
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    BTW that "nuclear symbol" is called a trifoil.
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    Originally posted by adiliegro

    forget my last post...I found it. Thanks!

    So was that th' cause? (guess so)
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