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Can anyone recommend any?


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    I'm all over the podcasts. It just about kills me to sit through commercials now. The Adam Curry/Evil Genius stuff is interesting sometimes, but it gets kind of tedious. Here's some of the ones I look forward to:

    IT Conversations: If you subscribe to the whole feed, you'll get a lot of content. It could be anything from heavy tech talk to scientific stuff, to anything else. It's a lot of lectures from conferences and interviews. Most of it is good stuff. Some of it is excellent.

    Reel Reviews: This guy does short talks about a bunch of different films. Not new ones, but the kind of films that you can keep your eyes open for at the video store or whatever. The host seems like a cool guy.

    Engadget: Good stuff. I wish they were more consistent.

    In Our Time: More good stuff. Kind of heady, but very interesting. Some recent topics: The Second Law of Thermodynamics, The Rise of the Roman Republic, The Mind/Body Problem. 60 minutes each w/ a host and some really smart people. A lot of it is over my head.

    There are more podcasts being added to the directory everyday. Unfortunately, a lot of it isn't very good. I tend to like shorter casts. 20-30 minutes is about good for me. Also, I prefer decent audio production. Some guys try to use their iTalk or whatever and it sounds like crap. I'm interested to see what happens with this whole thing.
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