Panasonic D-Snap?

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Can the Panasonic D-Snap cameras work with OS X?


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    Originally posted by blackbird_1.0

    Can the Panasonic D-Snap cameras work with OS X?


    SV-AS10S USB Driver and SD-Jukebox Ver. 4.0 cannot be used on Microsoft® Windows® 3.1, Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® NT or Macintosh®. Operation on an upgraded OS is not guaranteed. Operation on an OS other than the one pre-installed is not guaranteed.

    Not sure if that answers it or not.
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    Looks like SD Viewer is not supported on Mac OS X.

    However, it's possible that the content created is viewable in the appropriate Mac OS X media applications. Seems like it's "just" SD media.

    You can just get an SD media reader, plug it into the Mac and put the card in.

    That's if it can't be directly attached. I also assume, from what I can see, the camera uses just USB, which the Mac should see as a regular drive if it's attached. But...that's a guess.
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    It said it stores mpeg4 as asf on the sd, isn't as a windows format?

    could i stil view this on osx?

    I'm thinking about just discarding this idea and going with a canon digi camera.
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