Why Apple leveraging Agere Systems technologies would make sense

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Resource: http://www.agere.com/

Press releases:

Concerning Backplane and Internetwork Bandwidth for SANs and other server technologies:


High Capacity Portable Disk Storage:


Regarding Distributed Compressed Audio:


Agere since its spin-off rom Lucent has been investing heavily in R&D to deliver many new products.

Read up folks. I can see some future partnerships for Apple products.

I like the G5 Aluminum tower in the small screen shot on the cover of their web site (Under Enterprise & Networking).

Just a few thoughts. And if Apple does announce adoption of some of their chipsets one would be smart to invest. The stock closed at $1.40 for AGR.B and $1.41 for AGR.A.
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