No trace of Blank CD?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hey there. I noticed a problem. Maybe it is the security update or something else I might have done. After doing this I will reinstall the combo 10.3.7 update for I've heard that might help some fixes sometimes...oddly.

Anyways... when I insert a burned audio CD or any CD for that matter it shows up in the Finder and also on my desktop, now I wanted to burn a data CD but when I insert any kind (CDR/RW) of blank CD, it doesn't exist in the Finder and on the Desktop so that I can burn it... any suggestions?


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    ishawnishawn Posts: 364member
    Well... I knew I'd run across it sometime. Looks like iTunes has a sort of dominance, for going into my system preferences and switching the "When I insert a blank CD: Open in iTunes" to "When I insert a blank CD: Open in Finder" it shows up in the finder and on the desktop and every is fine.

    Maybe a fix for someone to figure out. I'll report with iTunes.
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