Trashed My Drive w/ System Install

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

Hey maybe somone can give me a definitive answer here to a, well, a mistake I shouldn't have made to begin with. . .

A long story shortened: I though I was installing OS 10.3 on a second drive in my machine only to find I had overwritten my main drive with a clean install.

Does a clean install wipe out everything so that it's unrecoverable? I tried using a product called "Data Rescue," and it didn't look like there was much it was seeing from the original install. (After using the search feature on some common file types I was able to find some .doc files that looked recoverable, but that was about it).

It looks very unlikely to me at this point that I will be able to get back gig's and gig's of pictures, doc, programs, mpg, avi and etc. from this drive.

This is the really stupid part, not much of it is backed up, so I loose big time if that data is gone forever. None-the-less, if anyone could give me some guidance here, I'd really appreciate it.

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