Retractable headphones for iPod

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I think this would be awesome if they did this somehow. Like you open up a small compartment on your iPod to plug the head phones into, and then when you are done listening you pull the headphones a bit so it winds up and only the actual ear pieces are out of the iPod. It would make it so you wouldnt have to wind it up


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    Nice idea. But look at how much space wound up headphone wires take. It would make the iPod too big, especially for those of us that just wind the headphone wires around the iPod.

    Maybe a third party might make something like this to clip on to the iPod, and maybe add another battery to extend play times. But it'd still probably be too big.
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    pbg3pbg3 Posts: 211member
    What if you want to use a different pair of phones?
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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,546member
    Someplace you can get a little piece of plastic for a few bucks around which you wind the headphone cord. Made just for iPod.
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    rraburrabu Posts: 246member
    At the weight of 2 quarters, wouldn't an iPod shuffle device built into a pair of headphones make more sense? Then, there would be no wires at all.

    The best part would be if there was a pressure sensor in the headphones that detected if they were on your ears. Then, if you pulled them off your head and let them rest around your neck, the player would stop. If you put them back on, your music resumes. This would be great for office environments.

    Current situation:

    Working and listening to music. Coworker enters cubicle/office to discuss latest project. You have to find your iPod and press pause/stop on it. This involves locating it in your shirt pocket or whatever. Then, pull the headphones off your head. Then you can talk. Coworker leaves, and you have to put your headphones back on, then locate the iPod again and press play.

    With integrated headphoness:

    Working and listening to music. Coworkers enters cubicle/office to discuss latest project. Pull headphones off head (player stops). Plus no wires get caught anywhere.

    Talk about project. Coworker leaves. Replace headphones on head. Your music resumes where it left off.
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    nd32k3nd32k3 Posts: 187member
    Yeah that would be awesome. If it sensed you were wearing the headphones just like it senses it if you press the button.
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    pbg3pbg3 Posts: 211member
    ...or you could stop exaggerating the hassle it is to pull something out of your ear and press a button. Is it really that hard?
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    BLUETOOTH---that's the solution
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