wireless headphones

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wireless headphones would be awesome. if there were like bluetooth or something in an ipod that would be kool. that would really get rid of all the wires. and bluetooth syncing from ur mac to ur ipod. any of this possible u think?


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    nemesisnemesis Posts: 138member
    possibl but unlikely, I think it would be cool, but BT 2.0 isnt good enough for syncing yet.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    There are bluetooth headphones for the iPod. I saw them at Macworld. Just plug in a little transmitter or something and put in the earpiece.
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    ian8ian8 Posts: 16member
    Another wire problem is power. Sure it would be great to have bluetooth syncing with your ipod, but you still have to plug it in to charge it. So while it would be pretty cool, its not exactly the most necessary nor the most useful thing apple could be spending its time on.
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    pbg3pbg3 Posts: 211member
    I think HP makes a product like this already...I saw them on Engadget or Gizmodo around the time of CES.
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    feraliferali Posts: 175member
    well how much do they cost and wheres a link for these headphones?
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    nd32k3nd32k3 Posts: 187member

    I dont think that they are worth it. Wireless headphones would only be cool if they were in ear head phones.
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