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When entering Japanese data into iCal on my at home Mac, I can read it just fine. The problem is when I use iSync (or export the calendar manually from iCal then copy the ics file on the iPod) the text is garbled. I've also tried exporting my calendar from Outlook at work on WinXP to an ics file. The same thing happens... garbled text.

I've got my iPod set up for English, but I've also tried changing the settings to Japanese. The really weird thing is, if I change the file extention from ics to txt, I can read the file just fine on the iPod. Has anyone seen this type of problem before?

Oh ya, the same thing happens with contacts.... garbled


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    oops nevermind
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    I have my iPod set on English, and Japanese text shows up fine. This is concerning music tracks, though, I haven't tried Calendars.
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    I just tried adding an iCal event in Japanese. I then ran iSync and after that checked the iPod. There was no problem with rendering of Japanese in the calendars section. Sorry. No idea why its not working at your site.

    Next time you're in Ginza drop by the Apple store and ask them to check it out.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm using my iPod with my work computer (Win XP, Outlook 2003) and my home computer (PM G5).

    The iPod is formated as FAT32. When I export the calendar even from Outlook, the text looks fine on my computer (opening the iCal file in Notepad), but when I copy the file to the iPod it shows up garbled. The events show up as "Other" on the iPod.

    When I use iSync at home, I only sync my personal calendar with the iPod. That shows up fine for the most part.

    Within the iCal file, is there an entry for text formating? Kinda like HTML with the meta tag?


    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=Shift_JIS">

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    I'm also seeing this problem with vCards.

    When the VCF file contains Japanese in the persons name (N: or FN then on the iPod it shows up as garbled text.
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