pink hue on g4 iMac monitor

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Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

My monitor screen has a pink hue all over. When I restart, most times the colors come back. They are vivid and beautiful. But then (sometimes in minutes a couple times after a day or so) the pink screen comes back.

I am running OS 10.2.8.

I've run mac utilties

I've run diskwarrior

I've reset my PRAM

I've rest the NVRAM

Please offer some help.


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    qchemqchem Posts: 73member
    This sounds like a degauss problem, but I thought that only really occured with tube based displays. Make sure theres nothing that generates magnetic fields too close (such as speakers). You may need to think about taking it to be looked at by an expert.
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    The speakers have been in pretty much the same place since I got the computer 2 years ago. Could it be an accumulatioon of time?

    The problem happened pretty much after Christmas when I got my wife an iPod Mini. It is plugged into teh back of teh computer. Could that have anything to do with it?
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    mimacmimac Posts: 871member
    I'd doubt that the iPod mini has anything to do with your screen colour.

    Sounds more like a defective backlight. Someone here may have more info on replacing LCD backlights (if this is possible on iMac G4) otherwise.. its off to an "Authorised Apple service center" for your machine.
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    Here's an update. I don't think I have fixed the pink hue but I have got it to stop happening so often. I had liked to have jpeg wallpaper on my desktop - friends family - nothing kinky. I used to have a new picture come up in random order and change every 5 minutes. I've since changed the desktop to a simple solid grey dark. This is the only desktop I use. The screen color has remained good for days now. Is there a patch or something I can download to fix the desktop and repair what I think is causing the pink hue?
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