horrible earthlink download speeds

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I'm really confused right now.

My room mate got Earthlink dsl. I'm assuming the good stuff since he pays around $50 a month.

But the download speeds really suck. They top out around 40kb/s. But when I look at my activity monitor, it says incoming traffic is 80kb/s.

Why would that be? Is there anything I can do to remedy this aside from switching to a better provider?


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    DSL is greatly affected by the distance from your house to the closest switchboard. If there is a way to find out, check to see how far. After 2 kilometers (1.25 miles), the DSL speed drops dramatically. After 6 kilometers, you might as well get dial-up.


    The link provided is in Japanese but the graph should be easy enough to figure out. BTW, don't measure the straight distance from your house to the switchboard. Phone lines generally run along existing roads so measure the driving distance from your house to the switchboard.

    If distance is not the source of your problem, then call your phone company or DSL provider, something is wrong with the wiring or system setup.

    If distance is the culprit, find a cable internet provider to give you the broadband speed that you want. DSL is not for you.
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