Moving my iTunes to my .Mac account??

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I am slightly peeved.

I buy a PowerBook based (pretty much solely) on iTunes. I had downloaded a few tracks using my Yahoo address to my PC. I continued to use iTunes on my PB, and downloading tracks using my yahoo account. Now along comes .Mac trial, and later .Mac purchase. Now 3 months on I still download tracks using my yahoo account, but now begin to think that my .Mac account will become my sole email address. Is there anyway of changing my yahoo account to my .Mac account?

The worst bit is that I have slowly giving Apple more of my attention, using more of their features (and paying more of my money) yet it says I can't change my iTunes login from address to address; it saying that I (handily) have an iTunes account automatically set up for me. Yes handy...

This i a semi-rant, but I genuinely like (nay, prefer) .Mac mail and would like to rid myself of my Yahoo's insane 50 spams a day. Hopefully someone has been in the same position and has found a work-a-round to this problem.
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