Mini on the way - my first Mac - questions!

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So i've always followed Apple, but things just always costed too much. Finally the Mini came out and I broke down and ordered one.

I'm a college student and while discussing finances with my parents (my tax return and such) my mom lets me know I have some bonds that were given to me in the 80's when I was born from a old relative. Sweet! So the bonds are now worth around $580. Well since I had a nice chunk of change to work with I decided to deck out the Mini. So here is what I ordered:

Mac Mini 1.25GHz

56K v.92 Modem

Internal Bluetooth + AirPort Extreme Card (802.11b/g)

80GB Ultra ATA drive

4x SuperDrive (DVD±RW/CD-RW)


Cost: $770 after student rebate

Estimated ship: On or before 3/1/05

So this will be my first Mac, i'm use them before in labs and stuff but never have owned one.

My uses: I own a iPod so of course I will stop syncing with my laptop and move all my media to the Mini which will be great. I have 2 computers authorized right now with iTunes, I will deauthorize one of them.

Plus my parents own a MiniDV camera so i'll be dumping video onto the Mini and playing with that and with the DVD burner hopefully put out some cool DVD's for my family, they'll get a kick out of that.

It will also just serve its purpose as a computer, web browsing, email, etc etc.

Question 1: Whats the best way to move my library to the Mini? I was thinking of having iTunes organize my music using the option to merge all the music. I would then FTP that folder over to the Mini and import into iTunes and would be fine. Will there be any way to keep my purchased music labeled as purchased or should I recreate the playlist?

Question 2: I plan on getting Apples bluetooth keyboard. Its $53 after student discount, is this a good idea or can I find a cheaper bluetooth keyboard out there? I would like the Apple specific buttons (eject, volume, command, etc) so thats nice. Also will I be able to boot up my Mini for the first time and use the bluetooth keyboard right off the bat? Will it open up the wizard to set it up before I go through the OS X setup process?

Question 3: What else can I look forward? I'm a linux guy so i'll be getting Apache running right off the bat w/PHP & mySQL and some other services. Not to mention Java development. I can't wait to toy with it all.

I think i've read every switch guide out there and every review, i'm VERY excited. I just wish it would show up sooner!!! I think i'll be headed over to my local Apple store on Thursday to pick up the bluetooth keyboard.

Thanks all!

ps. I might cross post this between multiple forums...


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    re: iTunes

    In the past I would have just moved my iTunes library to the appropriate location in my home library folder. Now there might be a better way. Try posting to Apple's support section on iTunes. Go to then click the support tab then the discussions option.
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