Phone connectors on Macs

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Hi, I'm new to AppleInsider, have a question that is so basic it's almost laughable. I've had several PCs over the last 10-12 years and am some what knowledgable, because with PCs you have to be to keep them working. I'm tired of the problems every couple months that mean hours of work to keep them going, I wanted to try a Mac. I obtained 2 older Mac products and as I looked at each was surprised that they do not have the typical phone plugin connector. They have a round 8 pin. Do I need a COM card or a phone cable adapter or what? Embarass but determined \


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    How old are the Macs? What are their model #s?
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    wjmoorewjmoore Posts: 210member
    The older Macs had serial ports that use a connector similar in shape to a PS/2 port. To hook up a modem to one of these Macs, which I assume is what you're trying to do since you're looking for a phone port you need an external modem and a suitable cable. Any serial modem will work.
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