Invoice: backlit keyboard on 12"

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I ordered the new 12" and the Apple invoice included this configuration:

Memory 065-5384 768MB DDR333 RAM - 2 DIMMs.

Hard Drive 065-5626 100GB Ultra ATA Drive@5400rpm

Optical Drive 065-5471 SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW)

AirPort Extreme 065-5392 Country Kit/Airport Extreme

Keyboard/Mac OS Language 065-5393 BkLit Keyboard/Mac OS

It's the same kb minus the fiber optics, so why not add 'em?


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    algolalgol Posts: 833member
    are you saying you got a backlighted keyboard in a 12" somehow?
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    The backlit keyboard draws power from the mobo... 12 mobo perhaps too small for fiber connectors.

    Perhaps just product differentiation (intentional).
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    It hasn't gotten here yet, I'm just passing along the configuration notes that came w/ the shipment notification.

    I agree that it's probably the standard keyboard but just not hooked up in the 12".
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    cubistcubist Posts: 954member
    Well, if it does come backlit, please let us know! I love the case on the 12", and now that it's gotten to 1.5GHz, my wheels are turning. I wish it had the 9700 video of the bigger models, but a backlit keyboard would be a real push too...
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    From all the available information from Apple's PowerBook website, only the 15" and 17" PB's have backlit keyboards.

    Now, I'm typing this on a 12" PB, and while I would just love a backlit keyboard, I'm not sure where Apple would place the sensors in the current crop of Al's. Perhaps in the G5 PB's it will appear.
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    I just bought one of the new PB 12" from my local Apple Retail Store. It does not have a backlight for the keyboard. It would be nice, but i don't find myself needing to type in low light anyway.
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    I have a 15" w/ backlit keyboard. i trun the fuction off because when typing on a white background, the light from the screen washes out the keyboard. It is actualy harder to see the keyboard lit rather than unlit. Obviously, the usefulness of backlighting depends on what is on your screen and how bright the keyboard and screen are set. In my expierience it just doesn't work to my advantage. My wife has her new 15" PB on order and they say that the backlighting is brighter-we'll see.
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