Need help deciding what PB to buy...

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Hey kids. I've decided that this Rev is going to be the one I upgrade my 12" iBook G4 800mhz.

The problem is I don't know which way to go. I plan on spending around 2 grand (CAN) so I'm looking at 3 configurations

(prices include taxes)

Base 12" PB - $1900

Base 12" PB w/ 756 MB RAM - $2000

12" PB w/ Superdrive & 80gig HD - $2030

Any suggestions? It is going to be used mostly for school (Word processing), music (MP3's and recording with Logic express and Garageband), photos (storing, not editing), and using the intertron.


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    Personally, I would pay the extra $130 to get the Super Drive and 80GB HD. I find that my music and picture collection is always growing and though my current 40GB HD was fine for a while, I need more space. The Super Drive, though not absolutly neccessay, will be useful to have around for backup and giving people data (mp3's, pictures, etc). You can always upgrade the RAM later when you have more money.

    Of course the argument can be made that you can get an external HD for backup and a large music colection, and you can also get an external DVD burner, but I perfer to have all those things on me since I am rarely at home.

    I plan to get the 12" Super Drive with 100GB HD.
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    imeime Posts: 40member
    I'd just get the CD burner because you can pick up a DVD burner for dirt cheap for a PC and burn DVDs from it.
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