knsard in Startup Items

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There is an app. in my start up items called "knsard." I didn't install it and I have no idea what it is. Has anyone else run into this or know what it is?



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    Have you downloaded Internet Cleanup?

    If so you might find this post on MacUpdate interesting.


    Like so many others I installed the IC demo and decided that I did not want it. Some weeks after dumping the main program folder the persistent (to put it mildly) reminder that the trial had expired appeared. After wasting 30 minutes of my life to figure out how to deal with this, I followed the advice of downloading the demo again and at the install screen selecting uninstall. That got rid of the reminder and I thought all was well. But just now (several weeks later) I discovered a startup item called knsard still on my machine - which apparently was part of this program. Who knows what it does, but frankly I don?t trust them ? why would their uninstall program leave something in my startup list.

    Now I am also wondering what else is left and what it is doing; if someone writes a program that is guaranteed to remove IC and all its parts I for one would pay $30 for it. I am thinking of getting rid of stuff-it expander too, just because it is from the same company and the IC experience makes me uneasy with regard what it might be doing or what I might have agreed to in the click-through EULA.

    In the off chance the company reads these comments ? I will certainly not be not be purchasing your software for any of the 20 or so computers that I have authority over.

    Hope this might help

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    I actually own IC, so guess that explains that part. I never had the demo though. Does anyone know if removing it from Startup Items will screw up the program?

    By the way, if anyone is thinking of buying Internet Cleanup, save your money. It always gives me an "Unable to finish cleaning. Some items could not be deleted." message. It takes 3 or 4 tries to get it right. The only useful feature is Secure Delete, and that give me grief sometimes as well.

    Thanks for the tip though.
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