Returing user to Mac! Mac mini vs. new 12" PB... Help!

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Ok here's my situation (besides my typo in the title of this thread) : I'm a "returning" user to Mac! I used a Mac (not my own) and a PC through college. After college when I got my first job I was "forced" to use PC exclusively since my work doesn?t support the Mac (a very lame excuse, I know). Now that I'm several years outside of college, it is time to move back to Mac for good! That being said, I'd appreciate your input! ASAP!

I have a Mac mini on order, but it?s still 2 weeks out from being shipped. With the release of the new Powerbooks, etc, I?m considering canceling the mini order and getting a powerbook. My main uses are: all of the iLife ?05 programs especially iMovie, MS Office use, net surfing, Photoshop Elements, etc?

My BTO mini order was 1.4 GHz, 512 MB ram, superdrive, and apple care. With apple care it is over 900 bucks. So my thought was to spend a little more for a 12? powerbook and hook it up to my dvi monitor to use as a desktop with sporadic use as a true laptop.

Does this make sense? Are there other options I should consider? Is the PB overkill? Mini not enough? Your input is greatly appreciated!


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    well, the powerbook is certainly gonna cost you more money. like, a lot more. i would actually jsut stick with the mini unless having a true laptop really appeals to you. if you can drop the bucks, go for the 'book though.
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    good you got extra ram.

    it all really depends if you're a mobile user. I have a 12inch 1.33GHz PB and am very happy with it so far.

    If you're just gonna do occasional use and whatnot, then a MacMini is fine as well.
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