DIMM memory quality affecting applications/OS.

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Does anyone have info as to the "best" memory spec to use in PowerMac G4/Cube computers?

I've been using what I thought are vanilla PC100 DIMMs 512/128/128 in my Cube, so I decided to upgrade to 1.5 Gig by replacing the 128 DIMMs with two 512 DIMMs. As soon as I did that I got the "feeling" that applications are crashing more than usual. In fact, application crashes were very rare events in the past (I had a very stable system).

The memory I upgraded with is Kingston PC100 512MB CL2. Is this low quality? I didn't think so. I'd appreciate any feedback if you experienced similar memory quality issues or other oddities with memory.


Crashed: Disk Copy, Speed Download, Stuffit all after I installed the new memory sticks.
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