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ok not to hot on dual displays so i'll ask here before i try it...

i have a formac 17" LCD on the ADC port and have a SVGA CRT monitor on a VGA plug which i want to connect VIA the DVI to VGA adapter on the DVI port, Both can display at the same resolution. Will this work? i read somewhere that the monitors need to be the same.


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    I'm pretty sure you can use any resolution on either one of the monitors when you have a dual monitor setup. My brother put dual 17" monitors on his blue G3 once, with one on a Radeon and the other on a Rage 128, and he was able to ahve them at different resolutions. But those were on separate graphics cards.

    With me, though, I have an iBook. I enabled spanning via a firmware hack, and I'm able to connect an external VGA monitor for spanning now. I can have either display at whatever resolution they support. So my internal display would be at 1024x768, and meanwhile my external could be 640x480, or 1024x768, or 1280x1024, they don't have to be the same.
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