iBook 800 vs iMac 700

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Which would be faster overall. I am trying to decide between the $1499 combo drive iMac and the 14" iBook, they seem similar, otherwise, except for the 30 gb vs 40 gb HD. Seems like Apple will NEVER update the iMac, and I need a new machine. :eek:


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    [quote]Originally posted by kevbo:

    <strong>Seems like Apple will NEVER update the iMac, and I need a new machine. :eek: </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Just wait.

    Specs on <a href="http://www.looprumors.com"; target="_blank">Looprumors</a>.
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    I have an 800 iMac and and 800 ibook. The iBook definately holds its own. The iMac is a very snappy computer with Jag, but if I were buying I would wait for a better graphics card and faster proc. Chances are the 800 will be the low end machine next bump and you could get it for the same price as the current 700. However, if you need it now.... Then don't wait. Personally I use my iBook more than the iMac, just because I enjoy the portability and airport.
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    Portability vs. Coolness.

    I think they're relatively even in terms of performance. But, I'm now looking for a laptop after using my iMac 700 for the last 8 months. I find the need to carry my work with me at times and you simply cannot do this with an iMac.

    BTW, the iBook is cool too, but the iMac is just so radically different from any other desktop. I always get compliments from visitors.
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    If it's speed you're after kevbo, all the tests that I've read (in Macworld Mag.) show that the G4 is significantly faster at stuff like ripping MP3's and rendering in FCP or iMovie (over twice as fast).

    But for w/processing, e-mail and surfing it won't make much difference which you choose. Perhaps you should have a good play with both at a resellers?

    As regards an update; I pesonally can't see Apple bringing out a Ghz iMac while the P/Macs are starting at 867. So perhaps they'll bump both ranges up at the same time...which is way overdue reading some of the comments on these boards
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