How much boost do you get from 521 to 1G on iMac?

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I'm wondering if adding in another 512MB will be a nice boost for me on a 1.6ghz iMac. Any thoughts?



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    Yes, you would feel it, no question?

    Do you use anything like Photoshop? If so, you'd really feel it when applying filters and blurs and such.

    However, even just browsing around OS X, you can feel just about any increase IMHO. 1.6 GHZ imac is a beautiful machine, and a gig of memory sounds nice to me.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    I felt an extraordinary performance boost when I added another gigabyte of memory to my single -processor 1.8GHz Powermac, in everything from web browsing to opening folders and files from the desktop and Finder.
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    Thanks folks. This is a very informative place so far.

    We will add some more memory and report back on the results.
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