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fairly new PB from July, latest model. 15' 1.5 g4, 1.25GB memory, and a 5200 80gig hard drive.

lately, i dont know what it is, but everytime i search for a file with finder (set to search "everywhere") it finds a few files right away, but then the whole computer just freezes, and i can hear the hard drive working, and this used to stop after a few minutes, but now its pretty much indefinite. i dont know what the problem is, could it be that I have too much data on my HD? i'm using 75/80 gigs, i dont understand what the point of getting 80 gigs is, if you can't use all of it without the computer slowing down.

I got System Optimizer X 4.5.4 (latest version), i ran the full optimization, rebooted.. computer was reallly slow, rebooted, again, but this time after the black screen, the grey screen didn't pop up for a few seconds, and instead of the apple logo, it was the old OS classic blue face, with a blinking question mark, really strange, i rebooted again and this time OSX loaded, everything seems to be fine, but still my searching is slow.. i dont know what to do, done everything, repaired permissions.. defragged

any suggestions?


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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    The point of getting a 80 gig harddrive and not using all 80 gigs of it, is that the OS needs breathing room. That's to say; your OS needs a couple of gigs in order to function properly.

    I usually leave 10% of my HD free for the OS. Try to free it up a little and see if it helps.
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    djmbdjmb Posts: 120member
    I deleted alot, i have 10.27gigs free. i got Onyx and ran a full system cleaning and optimization. , but sitll when I go to Finder and search ( i changed from everywhere to local disks) it still freezes for a couple minutes, why is it doing this?

    i do a simple search for Limewire, it finds all the files, so i press the x on the bottom right of the window to stop the search, the hard drive is still going and finder still freezes for a minute, even tho the search is done.. wtf?
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    I don't know if this is related to the same thing, but every time I search for something, after about thirty seconds I get that accursed "you must restart your machine" kernel panic.

    I've just put off fixing it b/c I'll be migrating here real soon...
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    djmbdjmb Posts: 120member
    this is ridiculous, even with 20 gigs of free space it happens.

    i search, it finds a good amount of results, then everything completely locks up for a very long time.

    do i really have to format to fix this?
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    djmbdjmb Posts: 120member
    I can just go to terminal and use the "locate" command fine, and its fast.. why is it so slow when i just do a search with finder?

    what should i do
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