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there was a thread about downloading complete websites in 2002. i'll just follow up in this. i recently downloaded a complete website including the "phorum" (a php discussion forum). i cannot view the forum as a thread in the browser ("file not found") although the php files are all here. all i can do at the moment is view the topics, replys etc. (there are thousands of them) seperately... is there any solution to this? do i have to install some browser plugin? i am using OSX 10.3.7, downloaded with "webgrabber" and tried out the download with camino 0.8.2 and safari (most recent release). the "normal" (s)html pages work just fine, php does not.

thanx for any help!

BTW, i am new here and thus: hello to all of you from austria!


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    thanx! one step forward. but there is one more - do you know how to enable php? frankly, i don't know. OSX prefs have been stripped down so brutally by apple that I don't find an "enable php" checkbox anywhere...

    nevertheless, i think your hint has helped me understand a bit more, if still there remains this missing link.



    p.s.: i like your signature!
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    thanks for the interessting info. i wasn't aware of all the server features of OS X (PHP, SQL...). i'll have to get into this much more! alas, it doesn't solve my download problems. all i'd like would be to download a complete website and view it as if it were on the web (including the PHP-forum). is the only workaround storing it on my local apache server (which came bundeled with OSX)?

    nevertheless, you opened some very interesting doors for me into the most userfriendly and yet complex OS currently available!


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