Pioneer DVR-105 + iDVD2 and iDVD3

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Hey, you guys. It's been discussed about the compability of retail Pioneer DVR-105 and iDVD2. I have been trying to search the information about that, but most of the articles says that retail Pioneer DVR-105 doesn't work with iDVD2 in OS-X. They said that Apple Superdrive DVR-A05 works with iDVD2 and iDVD3, though. However, there are some firewire DVR-105 works with iDVD2, though. But mine is internal. If anyone know about how to fix this problem, please let me know. Also, if anyone know that iDVD3 will solve this compability problem, that would be awesome. Thank you guys!!! from asone328


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    The DVR-105 is 100% compatible with iDVD 2 in a Dual 867 DDR.

    I'd search the <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> drive compatibility database.

    If an ecternal pioneer DVr-105 is working with iDVD 2 it's only doing that because it has the hack from Other World Computing installed.

    External drives do no function because supposedly Apple has to pay a license to somebody for every superdrive installed. And they do not wan tto promote third party hardware use with their iApps due profit reasons.


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    Thanks for the link, Masker. But I don't know, since I took out the original CDR-ROM and put the retail Pioneer DVR-105, it doesn't work. iDVD2 application starts up, but it keeps rejecting the &lt;mov&gt; file that I created in Final Cut Pro with the compressor, DV. I even tried with no compressor, but it doesn't still work. My computer is dual 800MHZ, I bought this in Decmeber, 2001. Is this why, iDVD and DVR-105 doesn't work? If you know any way,that solve this problem, or iDVD3 might be able to solev this, please let me know. I appreciate your help, though. And by the way, the link you gave me somehow didn't work. Does that exist still?

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    elricelric Posts: 230member
    I tried the link and it worked for me, try it again ;-)
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    I tried the link as well and it was no go.

    Try searching Google with the link in question, and open their archived page. Then you can surf through the site (worked for me)

    Thanks for the update Elric (of Melnibone?)
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    As I understand it, the only difference between the DVR-A05 (retail) and DVR-105 (OEM) is that the A05 comes in a nice box with some blank media and Windows software, where as the 105 doesn't.

    Regardless of whether it's a A05 or 105, I believe if it's fitted internally, it will work with iDVD2. The same is also true for a A05 or 105 removed from an external firewire case and fitted internally.

    Are you running the latest version of Mac OS X (10.2.3) ? I believe full support for the A05/105 was added fairly recently.

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    Perhaps your problem is incompatible file formats. I'm not certain that iDVD accepts all Quicktime formats/settings.

    Try to drag and drop some photos to iDVD to see if they work.
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    First, thanks to everybody who keep tracking of this disscussion and those who gave me a link to the discussion of iDVD. Actually, I am using a download version of iDVD2 in OS X 10.2.3. However, it didn't work. But I found a way that if I make iDVD file in iDVD1 and in OS 9, then open the iDVD file in iDVD2 and in OS X 10.2.3, then, I can get the iDVD2 to work, not even regecting files, but accepting them. I already ordered iDVD3, and hopefully the full installation by DVD, then, I will get it work.
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