Internet problems due to Epson scanner

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Since installing an Epson Perfection 2480 scanner, my internet connection keeps dropping with the following message: "The modem has unexpectedly hungup. Please verify your settings and try again."

I am on 10.3.7. on a 733 G4, using a USB DSL modem. Everything is on USB 1.1, although the scanner is USB 2 capable. I have tried uninstalling the (rather crappy) Epson software but it does not help.

Any ideas?



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    You got a USB DSL modem to work on a Mac? I think that's the first time I've heard of that. Personally, I would use ethernet, if you have that. Second, unplug your scanner and check if it still disconnects. If that fixes it, use another USB port. If not, try reinstalling your modem.
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    I was just checking back for replies and I've realised I've put this in the wrong forum - feel free to move to Genius Bar! Unfortunately I have to log in again every time my modem hangs up so I got all confused!

    I am currently working without the Epson plugged in and it just disconnected during that last sentence...

    This is my parents' computer (I am home to install their scanner) and they have a free DSL USB modem with their broadband account. They will not want to spend money buying a new ethernet modem when I have already made them buy a new scanner because their old one was not OSX (the old might-get-annoyed-and-switch-back-to-PCs problem).

    Anyway, will try to find the modem's CD to re-install it but I have to go home soon :-(

    Thanks for your help though - keep it coming :-)
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    14 minutes without a drop!

    I think unplugging the giving the modem its own port has worked... but have to plug the scanner back in.

    Can anyone recommend a *really* cheap ethernet ADSL modem, suitable for BT Broadband and OS 10.3 in the UK?

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