Using the Lacie External HD's with Mac and PC...

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Consider the following:

We have (a couple of) video editing PC's at work. We have Lacie external hard drives connected to one of them.

I have my Powerbook at home and I want to be able to do video editing at home on my Powerbook as well as bring the Powerbook in and do more editing,

Do the Lacie drives come out of hte box compatible for either the PC and Mac?

Right now we have a situation where I'll need to use one of the External HD's on my mac to do some editing...but i think the hd was formatted...

Personally, I'd like to do all my video editing on my Mac using Final Cut Express but the PC video editing machines have Adobe Premiere.

does anyone know of a way to let them all get along??


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    If you format the HD using FAT32 on your windows machine first, Mac OS X will recognize the drive and be able to write to it just fine. You cannot format it in NTFS and have it work with Mac OS X, or at least I have never been able to with my external firewire HD. Once you do this you have a HD that can be read/written to by both platforms.
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    Lacie's come pre-formatted for Mac's, but you can obviously format it to whatever you want, but EITHER PC or Mac, NOT both. You said you edit video at work--if you don't wanna lose your job, don't try to one hard drive for a PC and a Mac. Your drive will become corrupted at some point no matter how sure someone is when they tell you that you can use the drive on both platforms. Tell the people at work to take a step up and start using Final Cut
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