preserve url in comments field of files downloaded - how?

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A "feature" I really really liked in MacOS 9 was the pervasive use of the Comments field by many applications.

Especially Internet Explorer (god I feel dirty even saying that name) had some good features. When I downloaded any pic, doc, etc from the web it would conserve its origin url in the comments field.

Also, for example, Hotline (ah yeah, the good old days) would conserve the IP of the server from which you downloaded that particular file.

Is there any way to enable this feature in Safari? Or any other app?



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    zozo Posts: 3,115member

    I just fired up IE for OSX and IE 5.1 for classic but it doesnt preserve this functionality anymore.

    I guess it was something tied into MacOS 9...

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    frawgzfrawgz Posts: 547member
    I think OmniWeb had it for a while, before they had to either remove it for some reason or some limitation caused it to stop working.
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