Way Beyond The Rumor SItes? More than just new products....

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Here is my speculation. MWSF 02 will be more than just new great products like G5,

new iMac G4s with 2 peices, or Newton 2.

Let's think outside the box. Outside new products. I think it may also contain a joint partnership agreement or an aquisition of some sorts. Who would be the perfect partners:

1. In the digital hub universe, a Canon or Sony partner where Apple OEM's their product and makes enhanced firewired based digital cameras or video in an Apple wrapper branded product.

2. In the enterprise arena (not consumer), Apple could do something similar as what NeXT did with Sun years ago. I was the former NeXTSTEP PM for Sun '95 and we OEM NEXTSTEP and worked on OpenStep. We ported OpenStep to Sun Solaris which took along time. NeXT got subsumed by Apple and created Mac OSX. Nextstep Dev Tools, IB and PB are now Cocoa Dev Tools. The main interest was that the Financial and Enterprise mkt loved NeXT for its OO Dev Tools but NeXT was not mainstream. So, now Mac OS X is poised well and Apple and Sun combo would give Apple an important new market in enterprise as well. We speculated yrs ago that Sun and Apple would be Snapple. Sun drives the servers and Apple OS X drives the desktop for networked UNIX OO apps based on Cocoa. These are high margin

3. Apple Acquires Software company.

In the past, they did Akamai and Earthlink. Giiven cash is king in this marketplace and acquisitions are cheap now, this is a good time to acquire distressted companies wirth good assets.

Apple has 5% market share and could recoup up to 10% market share in desktop and server arena but if it expanded its product line into new markets, digital hub, appliances, enterprise, etc it would be an excellent company direction.

So, what ideas do you have besides the latest and greatest new product announcement?

Beyond the rumor sites? we'll see in a couple of days.......
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