Mac mini and microcenter. in stock?

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so my mini order at apple got pushed back, from 2-15, to 3-3, to 3-9.

so, i find that microcenter is now the only place that might have minis in stock, on the entire internet.

my question is, has anyone here ordered a mini from microcenter recently, and did you get it?

i ask becaue i dont want to order from microcenter, then cancel my apple store order only to find that microcenter, too, is out of stock.

any help is appreciated.


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    My local Microcenter had them in stock about a week or two ago. They also had Shuffles.

    I think they tend to keep a lot of stock. The reason i say that is when Powerbooks dried up pendingt he new powerbooks, they still had them in stock
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