Two-finger goodness. :D

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Man. At first I was ready to undo the two-finger scroll hack, and reinstall Sidetrack. But then I noticed something DAMN cool.

Moving your fingers clockwise scrolls down repeatedly, and counter-clockwise scrolls up.

So much better than side-track. Drag -> Lift rinse and repeat, to scroll down.

Many praises to apple on this one.

- Xidius


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    I just installed the rotational scrolling and love it as well. Think I will use it instead of Sidetrack.
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    how do you install the hack? I saw the page that supposedly tells how to do it but I have never done anythng like this before and could not figure it out.


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    The person who posted the hack here:

    Mentioned he is going to work on a program to enable the hack... I would suggest just waiting until he posts that. Using the sudo command can be risky business if you are not comfortable with the terminal. (Yeah, I know this from experience lol).
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