Sony Ericsson T300

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I Just bought a the T300 and am loving it. I am using gsm remote x as my interface between my powerbook and my phone, I was wondering if anyone out knew a way of increasing the phone's contact capabilities ? like being able to add home or work adresses ?


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    bradbowerbradbower Posts: 1,068member
    A. Belongs in Digital Hub, not Current Hardware (is it an Apple product?)

    B. Cool -- love the T300. Congratulations!

    C. I've not heard of a way to do that, but I would assume if the capability were there, it would be automatic when one has an address book entry with a home and work address, that it would sync up with the same information onto the phone. Not the case? Or aren't you syncing with the OS X Address Book?
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    dgnldgnl Posts: 42member
    Thanks for the reply,

    the phone has space in it's phone book for your name, home nr, work nr, mobile nr and email. I am syncing my OS X address book vCards with the phone using the program gsm remote (no bluetooth on phone, so no isync) but the phone only takes the vCard information that fits into it's own phone sections I can't add addresses or websites (like in vCards). I have a feeling that the only way to do it is to rewrite the phones software, and I don't know how to do that.

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