iDVD 5 - onestep dvd

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it works great, but i have few questions here:

-the dvd takes only one hour of video from my DV, is that true the a DVD can hold only one hour of video?

-i took my video on extended format, so it's 1.5 hr long on my dv tape,

can i import the remaining 0.5 hr and change the dv tape for another 0.5 hr of video to make full use of a dvd disc?



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    grafgraf Posts: 22member
    If you're making an ordinary DVD, to get more than 1 hr of footage, you need to change the "Encoder Setting" in the preferences from "Best Performance" to "Best Quality". I wouldn't swear that will solve your problem, because I've not tried it with one step DVD, but it's worth a try.
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